Google Everything

These days you can’t get around having a Google account. Google allows you to do so many positive and helpful things that it will hurt you in the long run not having an account. So many websites now use the Google API for the login of their sites (sort of like the Facebook API) not to mention all of the cool Google apps and software that come along with your Google account. Over the years Google has acquired many different companies that now are a part of Google. All of these programs are called “Apps” or Google Apps (short for Google Applications).

If used effectively all of these apps will make your life so much easier and some can be profitable (Google Adsense) if you have the right content on your website. YouTube is one of the most notable websites that was acquired. So let’s go set up your Google account if you don’t already have one.

(Just some of the Google Apps your Google account is connected to.)

Navigate your browser to Press the “Create An Account” button.

(Screenshot of Google Gmail sign up page.)

(Click the “Create An Account” button.)

Once you have pressed the “Create an Account button fill out all of the information just like you have done for all the other websites.

(Screenshot of the sign up page.)

Once you have filled out all of the required info, Google will take you to the conformation page that looks like the one below.

(Google’s Gmail conformation and congratulations page.)

Now click the blue “Show me my account” button in the top right hand corner. Now that you’re inside of your new Google account you should see a couple of welcome emails. Click and read them all before you delete them.

(Screenshot of my Google Gmail account.)

For the sake of time, I’m going to assume you already know how to send an email. If not, click the button on the left that says “Compose Mail” and that should take you to the area that allows you to send email. It’s pretty basic. If you have never sent an email. I advise you to spend some time here to learn the user interface.

(Screenshot of the “Compose Mail” section.)

You now should have an understanding of a Google account. Use it wisely and never spam from your email account. Google will shut you down in a heartbeat. So keep it clean.