Discontinued while writing this app/book but files / data is still useful!

Google groups are another great way to get the word out and actually find like minded people doing the same thing you’re doing or trying to do. By setting up a group you credential yourself as someone who knows a little bit about the particular subject at hand. Make sure you know what you’re talking about or the community will eat you alive.

It’s very easy to set up a Google group. Just go to and click the sign in button and simply sign up with your Gmail account credentials like we talked about earlier.

(Google groups home screen.)

(Google’s log in screens may vary, They update often so don’t have a cow if it looks different.)

(Once you’re in you should see your Gmail email name in the corner. Now you’re in!)

(Now name your group and create a new group email. I would use your business or whatever you do.)

(Fill in your basic information like I did.)

(Once you’re in you should see the welcome to Google Groups page. )

Now that you’re a member of Google groups they will allow you to search and join other groups. Let’s try to find a group that’s based on basketball. I’m going to type the word basketball in the search box.

(Search results related to basketball.)

As you can see I pulled up thousands of basketball related topics. I’m sure that you can find something that you are involved in. When I was working on my robotic equipment a couple of years ago, the only way to get help was through Google Groups or yahoo groups. I would primarily use Google because it has the ability to be integrated into all different types of web and cell phone technologies however make sure you explore all the other options out there and join if you think you can make a difference or it will help your marketing abilities.