The Importance of Social Networking

Social Networking allows people to respond to whatever you’re doing and spread the word about it. It’s good marketing when people have the ability to get the word out and post  comments. Other people will turn around and comment on what they see then the networking aspect of your business spreads like a disease.

Once the information about you or your business goes viral the sky is the limit. Customers and friends will be able see what you’re doing and comment on it at the speed of light. Also if your information has the ability to be rated you will  know exactly how people feel about you or your product or services.

People need the ability to do the following things before your content can go viral. First , the ability to comment on your content (as I have been discussing).  Secondly, they have to have the  ability to like or dislike and/or rate your content. Lastly, there has to be some way for them to share it. That’s pretty much it.

Focus on perfecting your product and content before posting anything on a social network. Remember, content is king. By the end of this book you should have a great understanding of Social Networking and you should at least know what you’re talking about in your next marketing meeting.