By now you should have grasped why you need to combine your personal appearance, technology and networking skills. There are so many things that successful and almost successful people are missing that can boost their career to the next level. I would be as fake as a four dollar bill if I told you things like your suit, shoes and teeth don’t matter. It does. And people judge you off your appearance. What else do they have to judge you?

If you have completed every chapter of this book and adopted the techniques I’ve listed, you should be on your way to increasing your network. By combining real life presentation with online presentations, you fill a social gap that seems to be missing in high school and college curriculum.

Taking your personal or business portfolio and mobilizing it using your new website gives your followers a way to keep your data in their pockets by downloading your app. This allows you to take advantage of push notifications and other cool features. Please don’t make the mistake spending too much time on your design aesthetics for any of your projects. Just focus on getting them up and running. I know it sounds bad but so many people spend so much time judging other people’s websites, but never take the time complete their own. Most of time the individual being judged is probably completing a list of task and bringing in income.

Remember, you can always pay someone later to make your project better. Just get something done. I wasted many years trying to get things “just right” and never completed my own projects. I never want any of my friends, family and followers to fall prey to this type of impeding behavior.

No matter what, never give up on your dream and your side hustle. Most side hustles will not retire you but keep enough money in your pocket to keep you moving. At one time in my life I lived off fifty dollars a day or less. Once I got a better job I vowed not to give up on my little side hustle. I never want to get to comfortable. I once asked my older brother Harold Wayne (53 years old) why he put up with some of his business contracts that seemed less than lucrative. He then told me “the key is to have a lot of well managed small things going on, a lot of small money equals big money”. For some that sounds crazy. My brother has no degree and no high school diploma, and he pulls in way past six figures a year and has about 20-30 employees. My said, “the trick is not to be lazy. You don’t have to be the smartest guy in the room. Some of the smartest people I know are broke as hell, lazy, comfortable in their little cubical. That’s a damn shame.” You should never lose your dream and your hustle.

Remember complacency kills. Also don’t forget to work with a mastermind group. You have to surround yourself with like-mined individuals. As I type out this sentence I’m surrounded by two other people working on their personal projects, It’s very important to have intelligent and diverse individuals around to bounce ideas off of. If not, you will be stuck in a whirl-wind of unproductive activities.

You must have discipline. Make sure your work area is conducive to learning (Star Bucks, library, bookstore and/or a quiet room). You have to go somewhere that will allow you get in the zone. In closing I hope that you can take what I have taught you and use it. Please make sure you send me email. Your feed back will help enhance the next edition of this book.

Also, purchase the optimized Android and/or Apple HD App in the near future. If you’re not already reading this book in eBook form, think about purchasing this book from Barnes and Nobles, or Google Books and the Apple ITunes book store. Information on apps and eBooks can be found on


About the Author

Rashad Glover lives in the Chicago Land area and works as a I.T. and Industrial Design Consultant. Rashad graduated from Central State University and has a Bachelors’ of Science degree in Industrial Technology and business with a focus in Electrical Circuitry and Minor in Management Information Systems (MIS). Rashad has M.A. in Management from Antioch University Midwest. For more info please go to

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