Your Side Hustle

Your Side Hustle

I asked one of my brothers (I have four), Harold Wayne, for his definition of a side hustle. He then looked at me like I was crazy and summed it up perfectly, saying “What you think, getting more money than you already got.” You have to keep a side hustle no matter what. I normally don’t agree with multi-level marketing or anything of that nature. But these days, you have to do what you have to do survive as long as it’s legal, of course. Consider businesses like Mary Kay, Quick Star, and Pre Paid Legal.

(Me and some of my older brother's In Nashville Tennessee  (Harold Wayne in yellow))

(Me and some of my older brother’s In Nashville Tennessee (Harold Wayne in yellow))

I’ve even thought about going to barber college and bar tending school. I’ve met with people who had a day jobs but also had their real estate license. Some people are public notaries and make money simply by putting their stamp on paper work. It also makes you a light weight politician because it’s a state appointed position.

No matter what you sell on the side you have to be able to market it and somehow fit it into your presentation. People like to see how versatile you are and how you do what you do. So make sure you bring up your side hustle at every opportunity and keep an eye out for potential customers (if you are providing a service.). This will keep a little money in your pocket.